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Joseph Purshock

My Story...

I was born in Georgia, so my roots are in the South, but I  spent my early teen years up North in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In my early twenties, I moved to Northeast Philadelphia, then on to Old City, where I learned about and cultivated my love, passion, and knowledge of all types of beers at Eulogy Belgian bar.

In my mid-twenties, I left for Hollywood, California. I have loved movies since I was a kid. I realized that I had a passion for writing scripts, which I still continue. During that time, I began working at The Hungry Cat restaurant, where I learned mixology and how to craft fresh, natural, seasonal cocktails. Yes, I was privileged to serve my drinks to some well-known celebrities! I later worked at a brewery at Union Station, where I earned my Cicerone certification and became an expert at shucking oysters...thousands of them!

I decided to move back East to enjoy a slower pace of life with some environment to allow my creative screenplay writing to flourish. Who knew that just down the road a piece, in the quaint Blue-Ridge-Mountains community of Clayton, Georgia, there would be an upscale gem of a farm-to-table restaurant and bar--, called Fortify, where I am a sometimes bartender and server?

I love to travel and discover exquisite cocktails and fine beers, so I decided to go overseas, with the primary goal of visiting the Belgian monasteries. In addition to Brussels, I visited Paris and Amsterdam and have also visited more than half of our great 50 states here in America.

People from every walk of life fascinate me, and I am always up for a social gathering. To that end, I have honed my skills and focused my goals on being the best experience-maker when it comes to drinks! I have created an exceptional craft cocktail menu that I develop on a continuing basis.

Using fresh, natural ingredients always, I create signature drinks tailored to your taste and style, or to your event's theme. I would love the opportunity to assist you in creating your next memorable event, wedding, reunion, or other gathering.

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